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  • My Resume - This is a copy of my resume. Would you like to hire me? :-)
  • Illusions - It's amazing how our eyes can play tricks on us. Take a look at these to see what I mean.
  • Six Lessons - This is an email that was sent to me and it has some good points.
  • Success Secrets - Much like the six lessons this is something that I have found useful in my life
  • Bachelor party - Take a look at this if you are in charge of throwing a bachelor party
  • Other John Riley's - John Riley is a popular name. Here is a list of other John Riley's that have visted my site from around the world and let me know that they are out there.
  • Night lights - This is just a cool picture of the earth at night. I just thought it was very cool.
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    My only problem here is where to begin.